Do you want to know how to save a relationship? As time goes by, the flames of a relationship may tamper down. If both parties do not know how to save a relationship, what was once thriving it will become mere embers.

If you are in a relationship — be it a boyfriend and girlfriend type or a marriage — you need to learn how to save a relationship before it becomes irretrievably lost. These tips show you how you can keep the love alive and enjoy each other’s company even after several years have already passed.

First of all, you need to rediscover each other. After a long time together, everything in your relationship becomes routine. You feel you ‘have’ to do this and that. When you get used to each other, you fail to realize that there are still a number of areas in your lives that you have not truly explored. This is especially true for married couples. The demands of life including the bills that must be paid and even the burden of raising your children may become walls that keep you from enjoying your spouse’s company.

If you want to know how to save a relationship, you need to figure out if you have fallen into a routine. Often when the routine becomes too boring, one of the members of the couple tries to recapture their old romantic feelings by starting an affair. If you are thinking about doing this, take a time out. Ask yourself whether potentially losing your relationship is worth experiencing the feeling of being ‘in love’ again. Think about ways that you can redevelop that feeling with your current husband or wife rather than looking outside the marital bonds.

Some suggestions for rekindling the flames are to:

> Have dates at the old places where you used to go

> Get dressed up and go to a romantic restaurant

> Walk along the beach at sunset

> Have a picnic at the park.

If none of these suggestions work, there is another thing you can do to save your relationship.

You should start to have ‘adventures’ with each other. Step outside of your relative comfort zones. When you start doing things you’ve never done before together, the bond between you becomes stronger. You start to lean on each other for support through the adventure and thus you begin to lean on each other in all aspects of life. You begin to see each other in a new light. You’ll probably find that you’ve missed the other person more as a result as well.

If the relationship is worth preserving, you need to be creative about the experiences you share. Turn an ordinary night of watching television into an extraordinary one by breaking out the Champaign. Write sexy messages on the bathroom mirror in lipstick. Write a love letter and place it in a bottle.

Make the ordinary extraordinary and you will spice up the relationship again. In this way, you will learn how to save a relationship.

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