Unless you have a flying broom or a magic carpet, the only other way that you can avoid shelling out for Rome airfares is if you are a pilot or a flight attendant. Nothing beats getting there for free, but getting there for less does not sound so bad either. And if you know how and where to look, you can actually end up getting cheaper Rome airfares than usual.

Most tourists who are traveling on the spur are less likely to find cheaper Rome airfares because typically, discounted ones are offered way before the scheduled flight. There are promotional airfares that one can still avail of even if the departure date is close to the time f ticket purchases. However, if you really need to get the best deals on Rome airfares, you need to plan out your travel and book way ahead of time.

Getting to the Eternal City for less is not very unlikely because this popular destination is swamped with several international flights every day. Its two major airports are equipped to handle both international and domestic flights from huge airline companies. There are some parts of the year where you can most likely acquire a good deal in Rome airfares. The low season, which is usually sometime in August, will mean a drop in airline and hotel rates. Romans during this time are mostly away on vacation leaving the city to tourists. The absence of locals means most shops and sights are closed as well. However, if you’re traveling on a tight budget, this is a good time as any, to head out to Rome.

Tour packages mostly guarantee cheaper Rome airfares. However, pay particular attention to the charges and make sure there are no hidden costs. Most of the time, big airline companies use ticket consolidators or agencies to sell their tickets. A good way to check discounted Rome airfares is to compare airline rates. Some airlines have higher rates because they travel direct. Others offer lesser rates because they have to make stopovers. For some, non-direct flights are not really a bother and are even interesting.

There are really a lot of opportunities to go to places for less. But, planning ahead is necessary to get the best deals. Anyway, planning is half the fun. And planning things right can mean twice the fun.

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