Herbs remedies are remedies that make use of the natural resources that are found around us. There is archaeological evidence that herbs used as medicinal treatments have been used by man for thousands of years. Though it’s true to say that the popularity of such remedies has ebbed and flowed over the centuries, there is now a big movement towards natural-based remedies.

For instance, the herbs remedies that the herb St John’s Wort is used for are varied and vast. They range from depression to menopause, healing of bruises and mild burns, and it is even currently being studied by researchers looking into cures for AIDS.

Aloe is another of the super herbs that have a wide variety of uses when it comes to using it as a herbs-based remedy. An Aloe plant is typically a waxy, succulent plant that is used for the gel-like substance that flows from the leaves of the plant and also for the leaves themselves. You simply have to break open the leaves of this plant and the gel will flow out. Aloe is used primarily to treat burns and to ease the pain. It is very easy to grow herbs and simply requires a warm climate or a warm windowsill to be readily available when needed.

Another superstar in the herbs remedies league table is Ginseng. It is widely used as a herbal remedy that can alleviate and help in many conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, and even erectile dysfunctions. Ginseng is especially known to alleviate some of the declining conditions that are associated with the elderly: mental fatigue and confusion as well as an aid to weakness. It is usually dried and used as a tea, however, it should be noted that constant and continual use is not recommended. Instead, a varied use should be adopted e.g. a week using the herb and a couple of weeks not using the herb.

What should be noted when considered whether herbs remedies are for you, is that many of the synthetic medicines and treatments that our doctors are prescribing for us have their derivatives in the structures that are found in natural herbs. In short, the drug companies base a high percentage of what they produce upon what nature does naturally.

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